Is a Staffing Agency Right for Your Business?

Staffing agencies are organizations that provide business enterprises with potential employees, one may ask,” is it really a good idea to use employment agencies when recruiting employees?” the following may help to bring out the benefits of using these agencies.

Screening of employees in advance; staffing agencies help businesses that wish to recruit employees save time by performing a screening test on the candidates. The screening process is aimed at marching the organizations needs with the abilities of the employment hopefuls, this acts as an aid in ensuring those shortlisted for the interviews march the job specifications. This cuts on precious time that would have been wasted interviewing or short listing unworthy candidates.

Training of prospective employees; Many of this agencies provide basic job skills training on the employees, this helps not only the prospective employee but also the employer. The basic training may entail customers service training, business values and ethics, employee employer relationships etc. this training forms the orientation part of new employees who join businesses today. Therefore engaging a staffing agency saves on time and resources.

Expertise and skill are required in employee selection. As a business owner, one may be familiar with the corporate world but that doesn’t mean they know everything about hiring process. Securing and maintaining top talent is not an easy task, the staffing agencies know where and how to find the best talents. The agencies act as a meeting point of job seekers and the prospective employers.

Cuts on hiring costs; jobs advertisement, recruitment process and job orientation expenses are all unnecessary expense if an employment agency exists. The agency will charge you a market friendly fee and give you high value for your money in terms of the professionalism required. They make hiring process more efficient and cost effective.


Payroll services during the probation period; human resource departments find it hard to putting new employees on the payroll only for them to leave after a month or two. That is why many employment agencies provide probationary hire period payrolls; the services are terminated once the staff has been hired on permanent basis.

Reduces the risk of hiring wrong candidates; hiring directly means you lack the basic knowledge of an employee’s capabilities. Using an employment agency gives you the chance to try employees before entering into contracts with them. During such periods the employee’s abilities can be monitored closely giving feedback to the agency as that would enable it serve you better. Feedback process is an integral part of any business that desires to provide quality services.

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