Improving Warehouse Storage with Carousels

indexIn any business entity or industry, efficiency is a critical component of profitability. Cost reduction is another factor that leads to increased profitability. In many industrial settings especially those involving complicated storage systems, being able to reduce the operating costs while at the same time increasing efficiency can be the difference between success and failure.

Horizontal and vertical carousels are industrial storage systems that have led to increased efficiency and reduction of costs especially labor costs. Horizontal carousels in particular are more popular in many manufacturing enterprises and have been shown to have numerous advantages. Unfortunately, installing horizontal carousels is a capital-intensive activity. Because of this, many small and medium scale businesses may not be able to install them. This means that these businesses may become less competitive and thus run out of business. Fortunately, it is now possible to install rebuilt horizontal carousels in business premises at a fraction of the cost.

Most common horizontal carousels include but are not limited to twin bin carousels, dual drive units, top drive carousels, and Pallet carousels. Rebuilt horizontal carousels as the preferred industrial storage system have the following advantages.

Easy integration

Horizontal carousels are easily integrated with popular industrial programs such as ERP, MRP, and WMS systems.

Reduced labor

Horizontal carousels have been shown to reduce up to two thirds of previously required man-hours.

Fast return on investment

Although introducing horizontal carousels is costly, it has been shown that companies can recoup this investment cost in as short as 12 months from time of implementation.

Horizontal carousels lead to improved efficiency and flexibility during picking.

Saves space

Using horizontal carousels leads to up to 60% savings on floor space

Extended order cut off time

Because of increased throughput (picking rates of up to 950 lines per operator, per hour), there is extended order cut off time.

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