Cartier Watches – Make a Statement

Choosing a wrist watch is merely about a person’s taste. A time piece is more than just a device to show the exact time, but it is also about fashion and style. This is the major concern of Cartier. This major brand has been known well for its magnificent arrays of wrist watch that meet the demands of high-class clients. Cartier understands that everyone has a different taste in style, in order to show off his or her personality. This is why, Cartier always emphasizes on elegance in every product that it has. One of the most popular options for Cartier aficionados is Cartier ballon bleu.

As the name implies, Cartier ballon bleu has a floating blue balloon, made of sapphire nestling. But, of course, there are still many exclusive characteristics that represent its elegance. Ballon bleu of Cartier is available in various materials, in which the cheapest ones have reached approximately £4,000. They have steel case with cabochon spinel decorating its fluted crown.

Yet, Cartier also pays attention to those, who need to represent their royal personalities by offering gold watches. There are 18k gold and yellow gold watches, which have reached more than £7,000. They are the best options for all occasions and meet the needs of either men and women with classic and high class lifestyle.

All Cartier Ballon Blue has Roman numerals, with 3 o’clock Calender aperture, swords-like hands and 30-meter water resistant. Definitely, all of them are scratch-resistance. Nobody doubts that Cartier has everything that high-class people need, but this brand emphasizes on elegance in every inch for Cartier Ballon Blue.

This timepiece is available in various dimensions, as well, in which buyers can choose the thinnest one at 28mm, or the extra-large one with 44 mm dimensions with the alligator strap. Yet, the highest priced Ballon Blue is the 33 mm brown leather watch with the gold case, and silver dial color.

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