The 3 Things You Should Know About the Perfect Kitchen Water Filter

Despite the popularity of some kitchen water filter systems, they don’t necessarily perform better than others. I’ve observed this fact after going through a lot of filtration products that promise to remove harmful contaminants from tap water.

Price alone won’t alert you to the best tap water purification equipment to use in your home. You really have to look into several factors that contribute to a system’s effectiveness. Here are some of these factors…

1. The technology used to power the system

Comparing what happens to your tap water inside different systems will alert you to the technology behind the purification products. Some expensive systems use outdated technology that cost a lot. The system is bulky, and the repairs are costly.

These systems are heavily marketed as the best filter system you can invest in, and this propaganda will mislead you into thinking that expense is equivalent to efficiency.

2. The amount of healthy minerals left after filtration

Tap water de-mineralization is not uncommon in most purification systems, but some remove more minerals than others. There are, however, essential trace elements like calcium and potassium that should at least remain in marginal amounts to provide nutrition.

3. Maintenance

Filtering synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and other harmful soil residues may damage your equipment without you knowing. This means you have to check every few months if your kitchen water filter is still working.

The best way to do this is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep tabs on how long you’ve had your equipment.

This process of constantly trying to maintain your filter to keep yourself safe is time consuming and costly, but it is necessary if you want to keep drinking and cooking with purified water. Needless to say, cleaning should be a crucial criterion when deciding on what kitchen water filter system to buy.

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